Sunday, December 21, 2014

ABC's Night ride | 17th December 2014

Much eagerly awaited ABC night ride on 17th Wednesday was just full off excitement.

Dr Uma, Vivek, Jk, Parvez and Me we started on time for a chilly ride ahead to end with an even more chilled dessert party. Our mouths were watery as Bhavinbhai mentioned the awesome chocolate avalanche at Al Fresco... We were tempted to ride straight to the joint but Alas love for the pedals won.

Just 100 meters and Uma had a rear flat... O my my now she wont be able to ride? Well ABCians came to rescue. Out came the tyre and Vivek swiftly replaced a new tube in 5 mins flat. "Whoosh whoosh - hai ho" went the air in by Bhavinbhai and Me and back she got on saddle.

Tapan joined from Vijay and we had a good ride full of jokes and laughter. AMC has started resurfacing the roads. Other vehicle drivers including a few stray dogs now seem to show some respect towards cyclists which is a huge welcome.

Ended at Al Fresco. "Closed" almost got us into tears but the kind staff arranged and did overtime preparing and serving Chocolate Avalanche and Coffee's.

See you in the next ride.Cycles rolling again.

- Written by Parth Modi